If you're building a craft-based business,
then you've got a challenge.

Take a look at Etsy.
Or NotOnTheHighStreet.
Or your favourite maker's blog.
There are some beautiful photos there.
Most of them, of course, show all the hallmarks of being produced by a professional photographer who has access to sophisticated cameras, all the right lighting and, as if that wasn't enough, the final result has been polished up with photoshop to add all the little finishing touches that add richness and depth to the image.
So here's the challenge.
You create the most beautiful work, but you simply don't have the budget to hire a professional and a studio, or buy a sophisticated camera or a load of lights. Yet you need your images to stand up against the best.
But where do you start?
My name is Jim Pirrie and I live in a lovely creative community called Forest Row in Sussex, England.
Our village is full of painters, jewellers, potters, cooks and people engaged in pretty much any avenue of creative life you can imagine, from storytelling to felting. Their work stands up against the best, but it's a crowded world and standing out isn't easy.
So they ask themselves this: "How can I create images that reflect the beauty and quality of my work? How can I take photos that do my work justice? And how can I create images that catch the eye amongst so many others?"
Now maybe you're a natural researcher and experimenter and you're happy surfing the web to glean tips from here and hints from there, and you just love to put in the hours to play and experiment and learn it all for yourself from the ground up.
If that's you, then that's fantastic! Check out all the free downloads on this site and you'll find they're a real help.
But if that's not you, what then?
I was chatting about this with my good friend Bill Reavell who lives in the village too.
Now Bill is a professional photographer. He takes beautiful photographs that are published in books that sit on the bookshelves of most households in the country. Not only that, he teaches: he runs courses for some truly prestigious outfits - like the Leith school of cookery and the Guardian newspaper, for example.
And, as it happens, I run a video business.
So, after chatting for a while one rainy afternoon, the light dawned: why not distill the real essentials of great product photography into high-quality, comprehensive online courses? Courses with a single aim: to make it possible for you as a craftsperson, food bloggers, artist or maker to produce beautiful photos of the things you are passionate about, but without having to hire a professional to do it and without having to buy a heap of expensive kit even to just get started.
And as we spoke - getting rather excited by this time! - we realised that you are facing three big hurdles, and we need to help you overcome all three of them: the first one is this: where to focus your budget.
You see, even if your budget is tight you can still create wonderful images of your work, but you could easily blow a tight budget on things that won't give you the results you want. You can even find free ways of getting hold of some of what you will need - and we'll show you what, and how.
So our first promise to you is this: we'll help you understand where to focus even the most limited budget to get the best results.
And your second hurdle is this: how to get it right. Once you have at least the basics to get you started, well, what next?
So our second promise to you is that we will help you to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that can be so puzzling and exasperating - and wasteful of the time you would rather spend making!
And the third hurdle is this: how can you create images that catch the attention even when your image is one of many of a page. In other words, how to apply your abundant creativity to your images as well as your work.
So our third promise to you is this: once you are comfortable with taking photos that truly do your work justice, we will help you take your new skills with your camera and discover how to create images that will be outstanding in the true meaning of the word - images that will stand out amongst a crowd of others.
And that's where you really begin to shine. When you can show people your own unique work presented in a way that is eyecatching and unique to you, you will have something no professional photographer will ever be able to give you, unless you have a vast budget: images that make your creations so much more than just a product on a page.
Even through your photos, people will get a sense of the story behind your creations.
The story that will help to build a community of custmers who will stay loyal for years.
Your story.